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Real Siblings - It Ain't Easy Podcast Stars in the San Antonio Market Square

A real estate podcast with the goal to educate, inform, and save their listeners time as they navigate the market and properties in their neighborhoods.


Siblings Donna Reed and Eric Seemann are both professional realtors. Donna lives and works in Tucson, Arizona with Keller Williams Southern Arizona, while Eric lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with Keller Williams Heritage.

The siblings recently started a real estate podcast called "Real Siblings - It Ain't Easy", where they reminisce, reflect, and correlate how their childhood and life in rural Ohio still impact their dealings with clients today. In the first episode, they talk about where they grew up, the town they grew up in and what their life was like in rural Ohio.

Donna and Eric's unique perspective as realtors who grew up in a small town provides listeners with insight into the real estate industry that you won't find anywhere else. If you're interested in real estate or just want to hear two siblings’ banter about their childhood, be sure to check out the "Real Siblings - It Ain't Easy" podcast!

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